JOGO Health Virtual Treatments | Ep.31

In this episode, Lisa is joined by Siva Nadarajah, the co-founder and President of JOGO Health to discuss the benefits of JOGO’s AI driven app and wearable sensors for patients with a variety of health conditions  

In this episode: 

Breakthrough therapeutics for chronic pain, stroke, urinary, incontinence built on a clinical proven science of neuroplasticity.  

Origins of JOGO and background of Siva Nadarajah.  

Patients receiving JOGO treatment show better health outcomes than patients receiving standard treatments.  

Offering a new revenue stream and opportunities to enhance hospital margins .   

Overcoming patient challenges with telemedicine, and the role of health coaches.  

JOGO as software-as-a-service, forming a risk-based partnership with hospitals.  

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