This is a podcast filled with value! You will hear from innovators and leaders within healthcare and from other industries. We will bring you topics on the business and clinical sides of healthcare on strategy, finance, patient satisfaction, innovation, leadership, communication, marketing, plus much more.

This show is for healthcare leaders who want to think differently and learn how to improve their performance. The podcasts will be diverse and thought-provoking while also actionable. You will learn new strategies, best practices and ideas for you to think about and to utilize in your career and healthcare organization.

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About the Hosts

Jim CagliostroProfile Photo

Jim Cagliostro

Clinical Performance Improvement Expert

Throughout his career, Jim has worked in critical care, perioperative services, and outpatient settings at nationally-recognized medical facilities across three states.

He has served as the Clinical Performance Improvement Consultant for VIE Healthcare Consulting since 2018.

Jim believes that hospitals do not have to sacrifice quality care for the sake of financial savings. In fact, through margin and process improvement, VIE's clients have been able to enhance patient care, achieve better outcomes, and improve the overall patient experience.

He is passionate about the patient experience, recognizing the need to keep patients at the center of everything a healthcare organization does.

Jim received his Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Messiah University and his Master's in Health Education from Pennsylvania State University.

Lisa MillerProfile Photo

Lisa Miller

Founder/CEO of VIE Healthcare Consulting

Lisa Miller launched VIE Healthcare Consulting in 1999 to provide leading-edge financial and operational consulting for hospitals, healthcare institutions, and all providers of patient care.

She has become a recognized leader in healthcare operational performance improvement, and with her team has generated more than $720 million in financial improvements for VIE Healthcare’s clients.

Lisa is a trusted advisor to hospital leaders on operational strategies within margin improvement, process improvements, technology/ telehealth, the patient experience, and growth opportunities.

Her innovative projects include VIE Healthcare’s EXCITE! Program, a performance improvement workshop that captures employee ideas and translates them into profit improvement initiatives, and Patient Journey Mapping®, an effective qualitative approach for visualizing patient experience to achieve clinical, operating, and financial improvements.

Lisa has developed patented technology for healthcare financial improvement within purchased services; in addition to a technology that increases patient satisfaction through front line insights.

Lisa received a BS degree in Business Administration from Eastern University in Pennsylvania and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

She is a member of the National Honor Society for Healthcare Administration – Upsilon Phi Delta. Her book The Entrepreneurial Hospital is being published by Taylor Francis.