The Healthcare Leadership Experience with Lisa Miller

The Healthcare Leadership Experience with Lisa Miller

The podcast for healthcare leaders who want to think differently and learn how to improve their performance.

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On today's episode, Lisa is joined by Geoffrey Roche, Senior Vice President, Workforce Development, Dignity Health Global Education. Geoffrey's professional career has included over nine years in hospital administration where he served as a...

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On today's episode, Lisa is joined by her Producer, Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group to have a conversation about how to maximize margin improvement. This is an objective that every hospital and health system has on their strategic...

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On today's episode, Lisa is joined by her Producer, Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group, to have a conversation about creating an engaged healthcare organization with a culture that is cost conscious, why it is important, and how to get started...

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About the Host

Lisa Miller

Founder/CEO of VIE Healthcare Consulting

Lisa Miller launched VIE Healthcare Consulting in 1999 to provide leading-edge financial and operational consulting for hospitals, healthcare institutions, and all providers of patient care.

She has become a recognized leader in healthcare operational performance improvement, and with her team has generated more than $720 million in financial improvements for VIE Healthcare’s clients.

Lisa is a trusted advisor to hospital leaders on operational strategies within margin improvement, process improvements, technology/ telehealth, the patient experience, and growth opportunities.

Her innovative projects include VIE Healthcare’s EXCITE! Program, a performance improvement workshop that captures employee ideas and translates them into profit improvement initiatives, and Patient Journey Mapping®, an effective qualitative approach for visualizing patient experience to achieve clinical, operating, and financial improvements.

Lisa has developed patented technology for healthcare financial improvement within purchased services; in addition to a technology that increases patient satisfaction through front line insights.

Lisa received a BS degree in Business Administration from Eastern University in Pennsylvania and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.

She is a member of the National Honor Society for Healthcare Administration – Upsilon Phi Delta. Her book The Entrepreneurial Hospital is being published by Taylor Francis.