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Thomas Foley

CGO/ Host/Speaker

Tom Foley is the Chief Growth Officer at GenieMD. He's also the host of the Virtual Shift, Re-imagining the Delivery of Care. His expertise is virtual care.

He is a thought-leader that has co-hosted webinars, moderated panel discussions, and public speaker regarding best-practices concerning the cross connect between value-based care, connected health and virtual care. Leadership efforts regarding the creation of a Health Innovation Think Tank are referenced in a series of articles:

Infusing Telehealth & Virtual Care into Patient Care Plans with Thomas Foley | Ep.15

Sept. 30, 2021

In this episode, Lisa is joined by Thomas Foley, Chief Growth Officer, GenieMD. Lisa and Thomas discuss the macro trends of global chronic disease and how Telehealth and Virtual care can play a role in helping patients on...

Guest: Thomas Foley