The Healthcare Leadership Experience Radio Show Episode 29 — Audiogram A

In these audiograms, taken from Episode 29 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Lisa Larter to discuss predictions for healthcare in 2022.

Audiogram A
We could have two or three podcasts covering hospital supply chain trends, but a couple of things really jump out. Hospitals need planning and preparedness; they need to have backups and substitutes for in demand items. That depends on a hospital’s ability to mine its data and focus on the high priority, most challenging substitutes.

Audiogram B
What will the impact of inflation be on hospitals? How can healthcare leaders mitigate this risk? Rising costs in food, material, labor and distribution will require a multi-strategy approach. Vendors will increase prices by passing on costs. Hospitals have to balance what’s real versus what is opportunistic.

Audiogram C
There’s so much talk of the great resignation, is it even a thing? People are looking for a different way to work after Covid which is good and not so good. We need collaborative working environments to be effective. That’s not to say you don’t care about employee preferences but there needs to be time together for innovation and creativity. It’s proven invaluable for the VIE team.

Audiogram D
In terms of the great resignation and a focus on engagement, it’s about listening to your people and their ideas. It’s about giving them growth opportunities and prioritizing what they want to learn, to showcase their expertise. It’s important for healthcare leaders to give their teams ways to shine and grow. I love intrapreneurship – developing entrepreneurs from within your organization.

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