Employee Wellbeing - Reconnecting After Covid-19 | Episode 36

In Episode 36 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Jeanne Hurlbert of Hurlbert Consulting . Together they explore employee wellbeing in the wake of Covid 19, and strategies to enhance and improve the mental health of your employees.

As Jeanne comments: ‘’….in healthcare right now, the most obvious stressor that needs to be addressed is simply the availability of staff, and counseling to help them deal with the inescapable effects of what they're doing right now.’’

This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting ® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Jeanne’s background, her work after Hurricane Katrina and her ‘’superpower’’; why asking the right questions in the right way makes all the difference.

The clear parallels between the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the pandemic on wellbeing and mental health.  ‘’If that's the nurses and physicians in a hospital, it’s going to affect their productivity and judgement. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.’’

Three vital types of social support: instrumental, expressive, emotional.

How close personal connections with co-workers can increase employee satisfaction, and why it’s vital in healthcare.

Why healthcare needs out of the box innovation to respond to employee wellbeing – and why there’s no ‘’one size fits all’’ solution.

Effective wellbeing strategies for healthcare organizations to support their employees. ‘’If a healthcare worker is exhausted, afraid and worried about what they're taking home to their family, they're going to be reticent to be reaching out.’’

The challenge of understaffing and the growing divide between ‘’travel’’and ‘’local’’nurses, plus how a defined wellbeing program helped one small hospital compete, ‘’If companies are willing to pay for counselling it’s a big deal.’’   

For more resources download our Research Report Hospital Resource Guide to Post-Pandemic Recovery.

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