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Opportunities for Cost Reduction in PPIs

In this video, Rich Dormer COO at VIE Healthcare discusses the opportunities for hospitals to reduce costs with Physician Preference Items but also t…

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New Technology Talk - Revolutionary or Evolutionary? - VIE Healthcare Consulting -
Rich Dormer discusses a trend he has observed during his eleven years of working with hospitals across the nation on cost reduction initiatives.

Discussed Topics:
1. New Technology Talk…

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VIE Healthcare® has been providing hospitals with Purchased Services expertise for over 17 years and we want to share our knowledge with you.

In this video you will learn:
1. How to perform a contract …

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VIE Healthcare’s new Supply Chain Business Associate Assessments help hospitals protect themselves from risks that could arise from vendors accessing patient information.

Now that you have actually watched our vid regarding Hospital Business Associates Assessments; has it helped?

To learn more a…

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This is what sets VIE Healthcare® apart from other companies.

Well, here are Quick Facts about VIE Healthcare:
- 17 years of experience!
- VIE has achieved over $490 Million in Cost Savings and Profit Improvements for our hospital clients.
- Cost Savings realized by our clients are between 16% an…

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Here are few words from Len Guglielmo (Testimonial - Len Guglielmo of Valley Hospital, NJ)

Len Guglielmo is the Assistant Vice President at Valley Hospital, NJ, and he shares his experience with VIE Healthcare Consulting.

VIE Healthcare® helps provide leading-edge financial and operational consu…

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Why Should Hospitals Focus On Purchased Services? - VIE Healthcare Consulting

Are you up-to-date with these hospital finance facts?

VIE Healthcare® helps provide leading-edge financial and operational consulting for hospitals, healthcare institutions, and all providers of patient care.


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Hospital Purchased Services - VIE Healthcare Consulting

Purchased services are an increasingly important part of hospital management. To remain profitable in today’s competitive industry, hospitals must innovate ways to save money on purchased services, year over year. Unfortunately, most purchas…

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Operating Room Optimization - VIE Healthcare Consulting

VIE Healthcare® helps ORs avoid supply and equipment issues, so physicians and staff can focus on exceptional patient care.

Our comprehensive OR optimization services provide expert support for the complex OR environment.

Discussed Topics:

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