2022 Trends in Supply Chain With Pandush Mitre | Episode 40

In this episode, Lisa is joined by Pandush Mitre of VIE Healthcare team.  

In this episode:   

Resourcing and staffing issues within hospitals are affecting strategic supply chain initiatives.  

The impact of Covid on contract agreements and renewals.  

Utilization analytics is a big driver for hospital cost savings.  

Accurate benchmarking requires healthcare organizations to use two or three sources.  

Benchmarking is not a one-time event.  

Effective contract reviews require an all-inclusive approach with service matching as well as price matching.  

Rising inflation is putting pressure on hospitals to increase prices.  

The challenge of inflation and the impact of CPI increases on your vendor agreements.  

The $200k in cost savings proposed by one pharmacy for a mid-term renewal.  

Supply chain professionals are asking for vendor negotiation training.  

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