2022 Healthcare Predictions | Ep.29

In Episode 29 of The Healthcare Leadership Experience, Lisa is joined by Lisa Larter from The Lisa Larter Group to discuss predictions for healthcare in 2022.   

As Lisa observes: ‘’..the protection is going to be around measuring and monitoring, capturing opportunities in real-time. No longer looking back and saying, "Oh, wow, we missed that opportunity 12 months ago…and we've had this year of overspending.. we need to do things in real-time.. that has to be a must.’’                 

This episode is sponsored by VIE Healthcare Consulting ® which has proudly helped hospitals save $772 million since 1999.  

In today’s episode you’ll hear: 

The need for back-ups, substitutes and data analysis in hospital supply chain . 

Why innovation and collaboration will be critical to success in 2022, without moving to over-reliance on GPOs. ‘’.. I love to see hospitals more self-reliant, more collaborative, maybe with a startup that wants to pivot and move into healthcare.’’ 

The importance of high performance healthcare contract management in the face of rising inflation, and why hospitals have to push back on vendors. ‘’.. We all need to be contributors to the success of patient care.’’ 

Why all hospitals need protection around measuring and monitoring to capture opportunities for cost savings in real-time .  

The challenges of the ‘’great resignation’’, and why intrapreneurship will be the key to successful employee engagement in healthcare in 2022 and beyond.   

How the most effective innovators focus on small, frontline driven innovations. ‘’It’s not a suggestion box, it’s a process.’’Hint: Every hospital leader should watch Undercover Boss.  

The need for hospitals to think differently in engaging strategic advisors, and the role of fractional positions. ‘’We often think about fractional positions as a fractional CFO or CMO, but you could have fractional project managers, fractional data analysts …it's thinking differently.’’ 

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