Rich Dormer

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Chief Operating Officer

Richard serves as VIE Healthcare’s Chief Operating Officer and Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert. In this role for over 13 years at VIE Healthcare, Rich identifies and implements dramatic cost savings for VIE’s clients. He has extensive expertise and knowledge of hospital expenses across the organization.

Rich’s specialty is high costs implants in the Operating Room and hospital Purchased Services, where he has worked collaboratively with VIE's clients to save over $290 million during his tenure. Rich also specializes in hospital decision analytics and his ability to analyze big data sets to uncover true costs and cost savings opportunities is unparalleled in the industry.

Prior to joining VIE, Rich spent nine years with two equity sales firms on Wall Street. He applies the same analytical approach he learned on Wall Street to his work at VIE, and has become an expert in finance analytics for healthcare organizations.

Rich is also a skilled negotiator known for his ability to drive down contract costs without sacrificing services or quality. His sharp negotiating skills contribute to his expertise in the difficult areas of physician preference items and clinical preference services.

January 05, 2021

Purchased Services with VIE Healthcare | Ep.3

Listen as Lisa is joined by the VIE Healthcare team, and they discuss purchased services and best practices.