Pandu Mitre Profile Photo

Pandu Mitre

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Senior Business Analyst

Pandu brings a depth of business acumen and analytical expertise to VIE Healthcare®, coupled with an ability to manipulate data to provide actionable information for its clients. He is skilled in creating efficiency in healthcare systems by reducing their reliance on manual processes.

Since joining VIE Healthcare® in August 2016, Pandu has played an integral role in the development of its automated, patented technology, Invoice ROI™. He has helped to deliver significant cost savings to hospital purchased services through this guaranteed margin improvement expertise.

In one instance, invoicing errors extending over two years were identified in a client’s diagnostic laboratory services, resulting in thousands of dollars in credits each month.

Pandu is committed to empowering hospitals and healthcare systems to develop strategies to implement these cost savings.

He previously held a number of demanding positions in the financial services sector requiring adaptability and versatility. While working at Fidelity Investments, he was recognized for his work in reconciling millions of dollars in alternative investments through persistent work in Excel.

These transferable skills enable Pandush to obtain invaluable insights into purchased services spend for the clients of VIE Healthcare®.

Pandush graduated with his MBA from Western Governs University and got his undergraduate degree in finance and economics from Monmouth University.

He possesses specific skills in coding language (M) for Power BI Data Modelling and an in-depth knowledge of data manipulation and advanced Excel and Microsoft Office programs.

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