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Jacqueline Oberst

Healthcare Advisor and Author

Jacqueline A. Oberst is a Healthcare Advisor and Author. She has played a key role in the development and ongoing success of VIE Healthcare® Consulting since its founding in 1999. Her extensive experience spans over 30 years of working with healthcare and non-profit organizations, resulting in numerous process improvement and cost savings initiatives.

Jacqueline is a leader in healthcare telecommunication performance improvement. She has developed proprietary investigatory processes used to evaluate an organization’s services. These allow for identification of billing and contract errors, overcharges, unused services and tax/regulatory charge errors. Jacqueline’s in-depth knowledge extends to pricing options for various services and she successfully worked to establish new pricing benchmarks, resulting in significant cost reductions within the healthcare industry.

Jacqueline’s work within healthcare extends to analysis and optimization of Information Technology services. Hospitals often work with multiple IT vendors within their organization and the overwhelming volume of services is usually unmanageable. Jacqueline’s expertise in data analytics has provided a clear path for an organization’s leadership to understand their current environment and make decisions resulting in significant cost reductions.

Jacqueline’s results-oriented advisory work has brought savings in excess of $104 million to organizations throughout the country.

Jacqueline holds a BS in Business Management/Accounting. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science Degree in Data Analytics from Western Governors University.

Healthcare Business

Hospital Telecommunication and IT Cost Savings with Jacqueline Oberst | Ep.12

March 22, 2021

Listen as Lisa and Jacqueline Oberst, Business Intelligence Officer and Telecommunication & IT expert at VIE Healthcare discuss hospital telecommunication and IT cost savings.