Bryan Covert Profile Photo

Bryan Covert

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Managing Director

Bryan joined VIE Healthcare Consulting in 2012 and works alongside the top healthcare providers in the country carrying out high-level analytics and cost savings work.

Bryan’s strength lies in strong analytics skills which enable him to analyze and organize complicated data sets, identifying trends and true costs of VIE Healthcare Consulting’s clients. He is also skilled in working with pricing models to determine strategy and reveal underlying costs. He brings high-level negotiation skills and intelligent negotiating strategies for the benefit of healthcare organizations.

His experience extends across a wide array of contracting areas from IT and purchased services to physician preference items.

While working with VIE Healthcare Consulting, Bryan’s success stories include:

- Playing a critical role in driving over a dozen successful Spine implant cost savings initiatives. These included a detailed analysis of reimbursement, side-by-side vendor construct comparisons, and physician utilization/landscapes.
- Working with clients to navigate through very complicated EMR system renewals to drive six figure savings.
- Successfully renegotiating and transitioning a prestigious university and medical center from Coca Cola to Pepsi which generated over $5 million in savings over 10 years, including $700,000 in Year One.
- Helping to lead the transition team to re-design supply chain operations for a 459-bed health system moving from state-owned to private entity.

Prior to joining VIE Healthcare Consulting, Bryan gained entrepreneurial experience as the CFO of two successful start-up companies in the public safety sector. During this time, he helped to lead a start-up public safety company to a $2.5million dollar pre-revenue valuation in 2017.

Bryan graduated Cum Laude From Richard Stockton College achieving special distinction in the business program. He is also a certified NJ Tax Assessor.

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