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Alexcie Sanchez

Alexcie combines her clinical experience and specialized coach training to enhance whole-being wellness. As an experienced Emergency Department Nurse and a Board-Certified Nurse Coach she has the unique opportunity to merge both worlds to implement a transformative holistic healing philosophy.

Alexcie is an expert in identifying opportunities for growth, mindset modification, and the ability to help anyone implement real, meaningful change into their lives. Her coaching will help you reflect on who you are today, envision where you want to be tomorrow, and will develop strategies to get you there.

Whether you’re a new grad or experienced nurse struggling with finding nurse/life balance, a nurse that’s totally burned out, over it, and ready to leave the bedside, or a nurse leader looking for ways to better connect with your staff, Alexcie is here to help you thrive!

How Nurse Coaches Can Support Health Systems with Alexcie Sanchez | E. 57

Dec. 16, 2022

The role of a nurse coach and her impact on the nursing community.