Adam Lorton

Data Consultant, Analytical IQ

1 Episode

Alan Weiss

Consultant, Speaker & Author, Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

1 Episode

Bryan Covert

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Managing Director

3 Episodes

Charlene Li

New York Times bestselling author of six books

1 Episode

Curtis Brooks

Principal and Practice Director, The Magis Group

1 Episode

Dr. J. J. Peterson

Chief of Teaching and Facilitation

1 Episode

Geoffrey Roche

1 Episode

Jacqueline Oberst

Healthcare Advisor and Author

1 Episode

Joe Tye

Professional Speaker, Author and Leading Authority on Values-Based and Leadership Skills and Strategies

1 Episode

Lisa Larter

Business Strategist, Digital Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker

8 Episodes

Luis Martinez

Vice President of Supply Chain at Cornerstone Healthcare Group

1 Episode

Noah Fleming

CEO of the Fleming Consulting Company

1 Episode

Pandu Mitre

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Senior Business Analyst

2 Episodes

Ray O'Kelly

CEO & Founder of Healthy Contracts and Business Data Applications, Inc.

1 Episode

Rich Dormer

Healthcare Margin Improvement Expert, Chief Operating Officer

4 Episodes

Thomas Foley

CGO/ Host/Speaker

1 Episode

Vincent Matozzo

Corporate Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing Leader

1 Episode